Why Whiskey and Lead?

America was founded by men who would not be ruled. They met in taverns, undoubtedly over mugs and steins, to conspire to break the chains of tyranny. They were men of conviction and strength. They possessed education, knowledge and faith. They were explorers, warriors, settlers and providers. They did not live easy lives but they were willing to risk everything so that those lives could be unrestrained and free.

Our founding fathers inspire me, just as they have inspired generations of people in the hundreds of years that have elapsed since. Their selflessness and commitment to each other… to their countrymen… was good and noble and not something we should forget or be ashamed of. Yes, as a society we’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way, but it up to us to learn from them and be better as a result.

These two words, Whiskey and Lead, invoke aspects of the American Spirit. They are equal parts rebelliousness, danger and liberty. It’s an ethos worth remembering, embracing and continuing.


Christ Follower, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Brother, Doer of Deeds, Fixer of Things, Maker of Stuff, and Unapologetic American. I reside in the greater Nashville, Tennessee area with my wife, three kids and dogs.

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