Honest Reviews

We buy and use a lot of gear. This puts us in a good position to provide reviews that you might find useful. We know from experience that not every product made or service offered deserves a glowing accolade.

If we think that something needs improvement, we will tell you. If we think that it just sucks and that you should avoid it, we’ll tell you that too. Being dishonest about an experience doesn’t do anyone any favors.

If we offer an opinion or review on a thing or a service, you will not have to wonder whether we paid for it or if someone gave it to us. We’ll straight-up tell you which it was, and even then we’re not going to hold back our honest opinions. A company should want honest feedback to drive improvement.

We do it like this for several very important reasons:

First and foremost, our integrity is worth more than free stuff. Second, when we rave about something we want you to be able to believe us. You aren’t dumb. You will see through the scam if we always gush praise.

In short: Shills suck. You can count on us to tell you how it really is without the bullshit that you have to sift through elsewhere.