Honest Reviews That You Can Trust

I buy and use a lot of gear. This puts me in a good position to provide reviews that you might find useful. I know from experience that not every product made or service offered deserves a glowing accolade.

If I think that something needs improvement, I will tell you. If I think that it just sucks and that you should avoid it, I will tell you that too. Being dishonest about an experience doesn’t do anyone any favors.

You will not have to wonder if someone gave something to me to be reviewed. I will straight-up tell you whether I paid for it or if it was given, and even then I am not going to hold back my honest opinion. I believe that companies should want honest feedback to drive improvement.

My integrity is worth more to me than getting free stuff. When I rave about something I want you to be able to believe me. You aren’t dumb. You will see through the scam if I always gush praise.

Shills suck. I want to read reviews that I can trust, and I assume that you are the same way. That’s why I do it like this. It is all about trust.