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Ending a Toxic Relationship

December 26, 2020

The time has come for me to move anything of consequence off of Facebook and end what feels like a very exploitative, toxic relationship with the Zuckerberg empire. The fact that you are here reading this suggests that you saw my post about it on Facebook, or that a search engine felt like you had queried the perfect combination of terms.

I am keenly aware that “the Internet is not an airport” and that I “do not have to announce my departure” (thank you, Internet smartasses) so this is all I will say about the matter for now:

This is the hub to find all things Whiskey and Lead.

I am tired of investing into platforms owned by other people. I no longer trust being subject to their whims or the possibility that their whims might change.

This is where I will post new material from now on. You may find me on Parler and MeWe as well, but I will primarily link you back to content here. I control this space and am less worried about being censored here.

Thank you for taking a look. Please consider adding me to the list of sites that you follow if you enjoy what you see. I’ll try to get a mailing list set up soon to make it easier for you.

What Next?

January 7, 2021


My name is David and I host the Whiskey and Lead Podcast. America's tradition of dangerous freedom is what makes us unique as a country. Preserving that freedom is important to me and it should be to you too.

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